Do Yourself a Favor and Get Over It!

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Goals, Healthy Living, Resolutions

In my last blog I discussed our reactions to stress and to control the things we can in order to have good mental health.  How is that working for you?  Might you consider that one of your resolutions for the New Year? 

So let’s move on and chat about the one area that we have absolute and total control over (barring any medical conditions) and that is……wait for it……can you guess?………FOOD!  Now I know what your thinking – But… but when I am stressed I can’t control what I eat!  When I am at another person’s house surely I can not control what I eat – I didn’t prepare the menu!  What about traveling?  Oh my friends, I can go on and on.  The plain and simple truth is that no one makes us eat anything.  It all comes down to a choice.  I can choose to eat that half-gallon of ice cream when I am stressed and deal with a variety of emotions just waiting for me as I scrape – um – lick the last contents of that container.  Or…I can take a completely different approach that doesn’t involve food.  I understand that our frame of mind can impact our decision-making skills, but ultimately it is still up to us.  How bad to you want to see your goals to fruition? 

So if we make choices that are not going to have a favorable outcome and could negatively influence our goals, but we do it anyway – we need to own it and move on.  Accept it, learn from it and get over it.  Wallowing in self-pity, making excuses, feeling guilty and/or blaming others will do nothing for our frame of mind and can lead to self sabotaging all of our efforts.  What’s the point in that?! 

If what I have written is really resonating with you, then you have to make a choice to get back on track and again –  Do yourself a favor and GET OVER IT!

Happy New Year to all, and here’s to making all of our goals come true!


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