All For Health and Health For All!

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Healthy Living, Nutrition

I decided to take this time to write about a question that I get asked so frequently by people looking to make changes in their health predominately by losing weight.  These people come to me because their current lifestyle choices and habits are no longer working for them. It has now escalated to the point where they have reached their limits, need to make the necessary changes, and are looking for the guidance and accountability factor to help them succeed.  There are a host of emotions that exist when these people come to me, but most are excited to embark on their life altering healthy path, but know full well that family members may not share their same sentiment.  So this is what I hear constantly from people, “What do I do about my _____? (fill in blank with spouse, children, etc.) My _____ doesn’t need to lose weight.” To which I reply, “Does your _____ need to be healthy?”  This is when I get a blank stare on their faces and then the lightbulb moment takes over.  Almost all of them have never looked at the situation that way.  In my opinion no one can truly eat whatever they want unless they are on a mission to self destruct with their health.  (Of course technically they can, so I suppose the more appropriate word is shouldn’t.)  Please tell me who is immune to such things as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and on and on?  I know what some of you are thinking right now.  Maybe you have had a family member that ate anything, drank and smoke and lived to be 90+.  I would have to say that they are the exception and not the rule. And in today’s world where the quality of our food is lacking, we are stressed, sleep deprived and surrounded by pollution of all kinds including the electric magnetic kind – do we really want to roll the dice and take that chance?  We may also know people who do eat whatever they want, but don’t gain any weight.  Please do not make the mistake of falling into the trap of equating thin with good health.  How do you know what their health status is?  You can only see the outside!  Unfortunately many of those same people gauge themselves as being in good health because of the way they look in the mirror.  They, too, forget that the mirror can not accurately account for the over-all picture of health.

The plain and simple truth is that diet and exercise, as well as other lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking, etc. are all factors when it comes to preventing or controlling those ailments mentioned above.  So maybe your loved one doesn’t need to lose weight, but they absolutely should be conscious of the potential consequences of their lifestyle choices.

Did you know that the “number of kids taking statin drugs has sharply risen 68 percent in five years?  Pfizer has introduced a new chewable, ‘kid friendly’ version of Lipitor, and there is a call among medical authorities to mandate a universal screening in schools to find children with high cholesterol and prescribe such drugs to those ‘in need of treatment’ (Gedgaudas, 2011).”  (For those of you not familiar with statins – they are prescribed to help lower cholesterol with Lipitor being one of the brand names.)  There is something so wrong with that statement on so many levels – it is quite disturbing! (Don’t get me started on cholesterol and statins right now or even on the title medical authorities!!!   Maybe a Blog for a later date.)  If you have young children, or grandchildren for that matter, then the only way that they are not going to fall victim to that statistic or eventually develop other issues is to teach them and teach them now!  Don’t make it about a weight thing, focus on the health aspect of it and set them on a course now for a healthier future.

So if you are embarking on a new fat-loss plan try to shift your mindset from just focusing on losing weight to one of getting healthier and getting healthier is something that everyone can and should partake in.  The fat-loss will come. This new venture of yours may not be well received in your circle of family and friends – people for the most part don’t like change – but you may eventually be the catalyst for change for them and anything that betters the quality of life of a person is a good thing.  Be the role-model that your family may need, communicate with them, make small changes here and there where they are concerned so the likely hood of a revolt is lessened and most importantly – never give up on them or yourself!  They may not see the relevance right now, but there is always hope for tomorrow – a healthier tomorrow.


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