Double Unders, You Are Going Down!!!

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Fitness, Goals, Healthy Living

Today, as I was getting ready to throw a tantrum in the gym, (okay let me rephrase that) I DID throw a tantrum due to my inability to get a succession of double unders* with my speed rope, the owner came over to me and mentioned that I was doing better.  Of course I thought he was crazy since the whip marks on my arms (and butt I might add) were showing a very different picture.  I looked as though I got in a battle with a cat and clearly I was not the winner!  But after he could see the look of dismay and defeat on my face combined with my stomping and throwing of the speed rope from before – he knew I wasn’t buying it.  That is when he said, “Progress is not linear.”  Hmmm.  I have to tell you that I have been thinking about that statement all day!  Now I don’t know if that is some famous quote or if it is something he made up – it really doesn’t make a difference to me.  Either way, it had an impact on me.

I think that is the kind of statement that you take away whatever meaning from it that you need most.  For me, I got that progress isn’t always going to be steady – that there will be ups and downs – feeling like one minute you are moving forward and the very next minute you feel like you just set yourself back a few paces.  The object is to never give up.  If you do that then you won’t ever have progress and you will become stagnant.  That should not be an option!

We all have things in our lives that get the best of us.  It is what we do as a reaction to those things that matters.  Although I threw a hissy fit, or two – may have even mumbled a few words not appropriate for print – I kept going.  My frustration fueled my determination.  Take note of those things getting the best of you and devise a plan to attack them head on.  It may take some time, a lot of tantrums and feelings of dismay, or in my case all of the above plus many whip marks, but ultimately the defeat will only be if you give up.  Don’t let it defeat you – defeat it!

I will share one insight I have definitely gained from those double unders- if you ever want to get information out of me – the threat of the sting from a cable strike from a speed rope should do the trick just fine.  Just sayin’!

I am very thankful for those wise words today and of course for all the guidance, support, and patience I get from the trainers and my fellow members at my gym each and every workout!  CrossFit LKN – you rock! 

So what is your Kryptonite? What are you going to do about it?  I would love to hear from you and what “progress is not linear” means to you.  Please feel free to reply so we can all share our thoughts and maybe gain new perspectives from each other. 

Double Unders – I will defeat you!

*If you are not familiar with a double under it is an exercise done on a jump rope in which the rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one.


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