It’s All In Your Head!

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Goals, Healthy Living, Resolutions

Ever have a cut that was bleeding and you didn’t even feel it UNTIL you saw it and then all of a sudden the pain kicked in?  It is amazing the power of the brain.  You are going along oblivious to the fact that you are injured and it is not until your brain gets wind of the fact that injuries and blood are typically synonymous with pain that you even begin feeling the pain.

Our brain can be our most powerful asset, and yet it can also be our most powerful detriment at times.  It is all in how we use it.  Our thoughts have a direct bearing on our actions.  Think negative thoughts all the time and our very being will be brought down due to those thoughts. Our whole outlook on things can become clouded.  Think in a positive way and somehow the world seems like a much brighter place and our actions will reflect that positivity.

A perfect example of the power of the brain presented itself in the gym yesterday.  A friend of mine, who is an amazingly strong woman and whom I admire for her determination, was squatting and cranking them out like nobody’s business!  She effortlessly did a squat with very heavy weight so delicately balanced on her traps.  When she finished she was shocked at how much weight she did.  She hadn’t realized that in her head she had the wrong weight – a much lower one at that.  But because she had thought the pounds were lighter than they really were and that was what her brain knew – she cranked that squat out believing it was the lighter weight and therefore knew she could execute it seamlessly seeing as she had done it so many times before. All the while she was really doing something much heavier!  She ended up breaking a record yesterday, and I truly believe it was because she kept telling herself that she could do it.  No doubts, no fear – only mind over matter!  So proud of her!  

So how do we harness the power of our brain?  For starters, in my opinion, we need to shift our thoughts to more positive ones.  Stop with the “I can’t…” and “I’m not…”! “I can’t lose these last 10 pounds… can’t get that promotion at work, etc.”  “I’m not strong enough…not pretty enough…not thin enough…not smart enough, etc.”  I will admit that this is something that I am working on for myself.  If we don’t set higher expectations for ourselves than we have nothing to strive for, nothing to help us reach our true potential.  It is easy to get stuck in a place of self-wallowing if that is where you have been for sometime.  It tends to become all you know and worse off – all you expect.  Every one of us deserves better than that. 

When someone gives you a compliment do you ever hear yourself saying, “Thank you, but…”?  Just accept the compliment with a thank you and move on!  Don’t discount the good that someone just recognized in you with a BUT!  But nothing!  Challenge yourself to decrease your negative thoughts each day.  It may be good to start with an awareness of how many negative thoughts you actually have. (Some of you may not even wrestle with these kinds of thoughts.  I commend you for that!)  This may be extreme, but worth a try – wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you are compelled to think those vampire thoughts that suck the positivity out of you – snap that rubber band!  That will get you thinking differently. 

Harness the power of your brain to move forward in life.  Tackle those things that have been holding you back head on because it is all in your head!  No time like the present.  And remember – “Attitude is the seed of all successes and all failures.  What you plant is what you reap!”

So…what are you currently planting?


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