Takin’ Out The Trash

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Healthy Living

More and more people are becoming aware of the grave issues when it comes to our food.  They are trying to make healthier alternatives and remove some of the toxins in their diet.  This is absolutely a great thing and a wonderful step towards taking charge of one’s own health.  But, unfortunately, there is more to it than that for establishing a well-rounded, state of over-all good health.  So removing the trash in your diet is cause for applause, but how about removing other things that are toxic in your life?  Let’s discuss just a few for the sake of this blog…

People:  Yup, people!  Some people can be very toxic and have an impact on our well-being.  Take a good hard look at your relationships with others.  Know of anyone that when you are around them your whole being is brought down?  Like vampires they suck the life out of you!  Their negativity envelops, consumes, and exhausts you.  It just might be a good time to begin distancing yourself from those kinds of people.  


Stress:  How many of you chuckled when you saw the word stress and thought to your self – is she insane?  There is no possible way to rid all of the stress in our lives.  That is an absolute fact.  What I am posing here is to try to reduce the factors that we have complete and utter control over that continually cause us stress.  Is it that closet that every time you open it you need to be wearing a suit of armor due to all of the clutter that falls out?  Is it that stack of mail that just seems to multiply and be moved from one location to another, but never really gets the attention it needs?  I joke with people about our garage.  There have been instances where people will offer to go out there to grab something in the fridge.  I joke that before they do they will need a map and have to sign a waiver releasing us of any responsibility due to injuries that may occur as of a result of all the CRAP that is out there.  Yes – that is on our “to do” list!  Take some time to list all of the controllable stressors in your life and prioritize them and then make it a goal to tackle one at time until the list is complete.  Well – let me rephrase that…until the list is complete for NOW!  There will likely be more things that will eventually crop up.  So no, we can’t get away from all stressors (economy, weather, car trouble, bills, etc.), but sometimes we bring them on ourselves, or make them worse by our avoidance or over-reaction to them.

Brain:  Time to take out the trash as far as our brain is concerned.  That negative self-talk that so many of us do – myself included (work in progress) – is just another form of toxicity in our lives.  How many of you when you get a compliment just say, “Thank you” and move on?  And how many of you say, “Thank you, but…”  No buts!  Don’t negate the very compliment that person just gave you.  Take it and run with it!  Time to stop those negative thoughts that have taken up residence in our brains.  Clean out the negative noggin clutter! Another big one with the brain is many of us let other people and/or our financial standings dictate our self-worth.  If you have to look for your self- worth in what others think of you or in your wallet, it is definitely time to take out the trash in that line of thinking.  NOW!

Personal Care Products:  If you are not new to my blog then you will know my strong stance on funky stuff in our foods and trying to eliminate any foods that contain them from our eating.  But what about our personal care products that we lather, roll, and spray on each and every day?  Ever wonder what we are really applying and let soak into our skin?  Complete disclosure where this is concerned…This is an area that is still a work in progress too, but I have made adjustments with shampoo/conditioners, facial cleansers, moisturizers, and toothpaste which I feel has been a great start.  In my opinion, we should be concerned with what we put on our body, not just in it, especially when many of those products have a variety of chemicals in them.  Take out the trash and get rid of some of those types of products and slowly replace them with better alternatives.  For all of you DIY people – there are many great options for making homemade soaps, shaving creams, detergent, etc.

Leading a quality way of life extends much further than the parameters of eating well and exercising.  I have talked about just some of the things that can be toxic in our lives.  Time to reflect on our current situation to see what “trash” needs to be removed in order for us to live better, more full-filled, healthier lives.  Who’s with me?!

  1. Lisa says:

    Great one Joanne – I’m with you!

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