“You’re So Vain…

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Healthy Living

You probably think this ‘blog’ is about you.  You’re so vain.  I bet you think this ‘blog’ is about you.  Don’t you?  Don’t you?”* 

Well – in a way – it is!  It’s about you and me! 

What drives us to embark on a journey of fat-loss?  I am guessing that if I polled a number of you the answers would sound something like, “I want to look good in my jeans (bathing suit, any other apparel)”, “I want to look good naked”, “I want to look good for an upcoming school reunion (wedding, vacation…)” , etc.  You get the point.  More often than not it is for vanity sake that drives us to make changes.  I am not ashamed to admit that I am guilty of that and it is partly the reason I do what I do.  But I can also freely share that I have matured beyond that one reason – a process that has been both enlightening and exciting all at the same time.  Part of the equation now is health. Thriving, not just surviving, and being there for my family. Vanity may be our knee-jerk reaction to get us motivated to make changes in our lives when it comes to our nutritional and exercise habits, but vanity can only take us so far.  What happens when that pair of jeans does finally fit?  Is it all bets are now off?  That event has come and gone. Are the habits you developed along the way preparing for that event gone too?  See?  There has to be more that drives us to continue to put our health first.  Here are some things to help get you started…

  1. Think to yourself …who are the people I get out of bed for each and every day?  Grab some pictures of them and keep them in a spot that are easily viewed by you.  Use them as a constant reminder as to why you are choosing to make changes in your life.  These changes will not only impact you, but will also impact them in a positive way.  They may not see it that way at first, but ultimately any healthy change is a good change for all.  Don’t forget to include a picture of YOU!  You should be reason numero uno!  If you have ever been on an airplane and actually listened to the flight staff give their safety speech – you know that they always tell you to put the oxygen mask on you first and then others.  You will be no good to others if you don’t take care of yourself first!


  1. Just because you have no weight to lose, or you may have already reached your goal doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want.  Sorry!  I hear this all the time especially when people refer to their spouse and/or children.  Fat-loss is NOT the only reason to establish a lifestyle filled with the proper clean foods and the avoidance of Frakenfoods.  So when I hear a person say, “But it is so hard.  My husband/wife/child does not have to lose weight.”  My reply is, “But do they need to be healthy?”  That reply is a show stopper.  Really – who is going to respond NO to that question?!  EVERYONE – no matter what age- needs to be concerned with good health whether it is the child that could stand to learn good healthy habits at a young age, or it is the adult that needs to keep the plethora of illnesses out there in the forefront to ignite change.  Maybe they are even wrestling with one right now.  Good health should not be selective. We certainly all know diseases are not!


  1. Make it a family affair.  This is a continuation of number 2.  Let the kids pick out a new recipe to try that peaks their interest and yet is still a healthy option.  Let them then help prepare it.  Spouses/Adults who are set in their ways may be a harder sell.  Start with swapping out unhealthy ingredients for better options.  Be adventurous with spices so that flavor is not compromised.  Go for a walk as a family.  And one of the biggest keys here is to communicate!  Why are you making changes?  What’s the payoff?  They need to see the value in the upheaval that you have graciously bestowed upon them.  Wink, wink!


  1. If you are single – you are not excluded from this!  You need to be healthy too.  Find a friend that you can use as an accountability partner and tell them what you are doing.  Explain what you may need from them along the way.  Don’t get in the take-out, fast-food rut.  Explore the internet for new recipes and try to make a new one each week.  Be adventurous!


  1. Plain and simple – be a role model…be a catalyst for change…if others are not ready to join you that is no reason to stop you in your quest.   


So yes – vanity may propel us all to make much-needed lifestyle changes and that is a great start, but remember to dig deeper and find what truly matters on the inside as well.  Good luck on your journey to be healthy.  I am here if you need me!


*How many of you will now have that song stuck in your head?!!!  Oh please, tell me you even know of the song!!!


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