The Seven Wonders of My World

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Food, Healthy Living, Nutrition

I have never seen the Seven Wonders of the World, and as I sit here now and think about it – there is a good chance I never will.  But I have my own 7 wonders.  The Seven Wonders of My World! They aren’t things to do, or even places to visit.  Instead they are things that baffle me.  Curious if any of them will resonate with you!  In the case of #7 – I am hoping to shed some light on one of the biggest wonders out there.

So here it goes…my list of wonders … 

  1. I wonder why the use of the car blinker has gone the way of the Dodo bird.  Yes – I still use mine.  I’m good like that!
  2. I wonder why the word “no” to a child is an open invitation to incessantly ask the very same question that was already answered with the “no” (BTW – when my son pulls this little maneuver – my response is always “asked and answered” which drives him insane, but it puts an end to the pestering.)  Okay – now for some food/health related ones since my blogs are technically about health related topics 
  3. I wonder why the FDA allows the food companies to put brightly colored pictures of luscious fruit on packages of cereal, frozen waffles and pancakes, yogurt, etc. when there is not a hint of real fruit in them as long as the word “flavored” is on the front of the label.  (Anyone see this on the Today show 11/14?  Just one of the food industry’s unsavory practices.)
  4. I wonder why a salad dressing that says olive oil and vinegar on the front (supposed to be an Italian vinaigrette – BTW) then lists as its very first ingredient soybean oil.  Really?!  Soybean oil!  That’s an insult to all things Italian. So yes – I am insulted!  It isn’t until some ingredients later that olive oil is finally listed. 
  5. I wonder why the words healthy and natural are tossed around by the food industry more times than a Valley Girl can say the word like in a day.  Like please tell me you like know what a Valley Girl is! 
  6. I wonder why the food industry would also like us to think that something that is laced with additives, did not originate in nature and has a substantial shelf life would be a healthier option than one that doesn’t contain an ingredient list, or if it does it is minimal.  Butter, for instance, is cream and salt.  Badda bing, badda bang!
  7. I wonder why people are still so afraid of fat.  First off, you can not lump all fats together.  Fats that are partially hydrogenated…hydrogenated…highly processed vegetable oils…fried fats… and the very toxic Trans Fats that are a result of the hydrogenation process – yes –  those you should be very afraid of.  In fact walk run far, far away from them.  Something like the fat in an avocado, some grass-fed butter, olive oil, etc., have beneficial effects on the body and should not be feared when consumed in conjunction with a balanced whole foods nutrient dense diet.  The mentality that if you eat fat you will get fat is still a steadfast truth in the minds of many.  It is not that simple.  The body does not function in such simplistic terms.  This is definitely not a case of where 2+2=4.  You’re body needs fat in order to function and thrive.  Fats also add flavor to foods; help keep you satiated longer since they take longer to digest; are important in the make up of cell membranes; and provide the body with fuel, to name just a few of its functions. Most people think of Carbs for fuel and that is very much the truth, but it is not the whole picture.  The body uses fats, too.  Did you know that the heart’s preferred fuel is fat?  Remember that the heart is a muscle, too.  

Consider this – when fat is removed from a food what do you think is added in order to make that food palatable?  If you guessed sugar – you are correct!  So as a society for years now we have been on a no-fat/low-fat kick and yet the obesity rate continues to climb and cases of diabetes, cancer and other diseases show no signs of stopping.  What gives?  Please do not be fooled into thinking that just because a so-called food has no fat in it that it is somehow better for you. 

Remember to include healthy fats in balance with good quality protein sources and carbs! 

And now a new wonder – I wonder why I am still rambling on with this blog.  I am done now.  ’nuff said.  That is all!


I would like to remind everyone especially if you are new here that I make no judgments on anyone for what they eat, how they think, and what they do.  I only present info in the hopes of  getting people to think outside the Conventional Wisdom box.  There is a lot of exciting information when you do!   

This is a judgment-free zone!

  1. Jen E says:

    I wonder why I can’t get this through my head as easily as you! Every meal and snack I go into panic mode – am I supposed to eat this? I’ll get there slowly.

  2. Lieselathome says:

    Fat makes people fat just as much as sugar makes people sweet 🙂 (Which is – Not at all!)
    I am much sweeter to the world now that I am off those sugar cravings! Ha, ha, ha….

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