Been There, Done That…No Resolutions Here

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Resolutions

So it has been some time since my last blog, and I apologize for that. I was heavily involved in a program to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner which I successfully completed. Many have asked when I was going to start up again – so here it is. I must admit that this blog was one that I wrote last year that was published in Today’s Charlotte Woman magazine. I wanted to share it again this year since many were not able to read it due to fact that the magazine is a local one. I also think that it is worth repeating especially given the time of year that is upon us.  

10, 9, 8,…3, 2, 1 and just like that the New Year has begun. With it comes the onset of yet another year’s worth of what I think to be one of the greatest mystifying concepts of all time: The New Year’s Resolution. Many have played the “game”, but how many make it to the finish line? Somehow, the resolution has developed into a right of passage that one has to go through in order to pay homage to the dawn of the new year. Well, I say, “Bah Humbug” to all that stress – because when all is said and done, that’s what the whole resolution thing has brought me in the past. A sense of stress. Sure, it’s the new year with its hopes of bringing fresh new opportunities and a chance to start over… to get things right, so to speak. I fully support the concept and wish luck to those embarking on yet another resolution-making spree. As for me, ho-hum… been there, done that.

But I’ll take a moment to play nice. If a resolution was in the cards for me this year. Maybe this would be the year I resolve to make my bed every day. But then I think: Why start now? It has served me well unmade for 40 years. It’s way more inviting when it’s not made, anyhow. Besides, who am I trying to impress?

Or, maybe I will actually attempt the feat of putting away my clean clothes from my laundry basket on a consistent basis rather than pulling them out on a need-to-wear basis. Nah! The end result is the same – eventually my clothes move from the basket to another location, and then the process starts all over again.

Oh, wait a minute! I have a good one. How about I make that oh-so-familiar New Year’s resolution to get skinnier…to get my body to where it actually matches up with the mental picture in my head? But then it hits me that it would require defying the law of gravity – woman’s enemy No. 1. And you know, I’ve heard duct tape is quite the versatile, all-purpose, fix anything- in- a- pinch type tool. Hmmm – I wonder!

This year, I have decided to sit the whole resolution thing out. Oh the sound of gasps everywhere. The arguments abound… “But it’s tradition…” or, “Don’t you want to reach for a goal?” Of course I do, but I want to do it with a mantra, not a resolution. My mantra for the new year is, “Strong is the New Skinny.”** And while I can’t take credit for the creation of that powerful statement; I can sure put it to good use. This year, I want to redefine what really matters to me. There was a time when skinny was my top priority every new year. So like I said, “Been there, done that”. I’m over it! Now, my focus is to be strong… strong in all the ways that encompass who I am and who I continually strive to be: a strong woman, wife, and mother, and one with a strong body, mind, and soul.

As this new year unfolds, I wish everyone all the best for a happy and healthy one. As for me, I will graciously bow out from any resolution chatter, but know that I’ll be rooting from the sidelines for everyone to make it to the finish line!

Happy New Year to all!!!

**Yes – I know what some of you are thinking: I have heard that statement (strong is the new skinny) so many times in the past year that it makes me ill now! Well this was written last year, and honestly I still think it can have value. Focus on being a strong confident person in everything you do. That strength is something that you can draw from in every aspect of your life. All the best to you and yours in 2014!

  1. Dianne says:

    I totally agree with this 100% and that is why I have never made resolutions. I’m not a downer, but the whole concept just sets you up failure. When your really ready to make changes you will and you may not be ready til August. We all have so much stress in our busy lives in these fast paced techno advanced times, why entertain the thought of piling more stress on!!

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    • Joanne says:

      This was definitely my quirky take on the whole resolution thing for me. Just like you – not a downer – it’s my reality! More power to the people who make them and actually see them to fruition. I, however, am not one of them. I agree that you need to be ready for change, and if that happens to coincide with the new year – that’s fantastic. Don’t do it because you feel a sense of obligation because it is the new year and everyone is talking about resolutions. Do it in your own time because you are ready, really ready for change.

  2. Lisa says:

    I agree on this one and would like to add that most New year’s resolutions are also made up in the middle of the night after a glass or two or three…. and at that stage we should simply not make any promises 🙂

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