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Hi there!  My name is Joanne Morse, and I am thrilled that you are visiting my site.  As a teacher for 16 years with children of various ages and special needs and even adults on the graduate level, I had the opportunity to take my passion for helping others learn and bring it to the academic setting.  Now, I am taking that same passion of helping others and fusing it with my love of nutrition and fitness to bring you barefootbarefood – a back to basics approach to good health.

I specialize in Metabolic Effect’s hormonal fat-loss, Metabolic Effect’s rest-based training, and a variety of other things to assist people who call on my services to achieve the results they desire.

What is barefootbarefood?

It’s a way of eating and exercise that gives control over to you. It teaches you how to be in tune with your body, to recognize the messages and signals that your body gives you, and how to use that information to best guide your nutritional and fitness journey. In doing this it will allow you to empower yourself to optimal health, a balanced lifestyle, and fat-loss (if fat-loss is what you desire).

My approach is to find what works for the individual with a basis of using a nutrient dense, whole foods approach to nutrition whenever possible, but at the same time recognizing that people want to enjoy life, enjoy food, that glass of wine, etc.  I know I do! I, myself, enjoy a good quality protein shake for instance, but when it comes to my fork and knife food – it is gluten-free, whole foods with some treats scattered here and there, and that is what works best for me. Finding your unique formula is part of the process.

I believe in the individual process and know that one plan will NOT meet the needs of everyone. It has to be tailored to the individual based on numerous factors. Ultimately, this is a lifestyle and each person has different needs and wants.  Each person who comes to me has a unique degree of background knowledge, health history, likes and dislikes, and varying states of current health that all has to be taken into account.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) as well as a Certified Metabolic Effect Personal Trainer and a Metabolic Effect Master Level 3 Hormonal Fat-Loss Coach (www.metaboliceffect.com).

BFBF’s Core Values

  1. Stomping on conventional wisdom one bare foot at a time. Educate yourself so that you can be your best advocate.
  2. Learn to eat through instinct. Eat, respond, learn & get better.
  3. Every single person has the power to take the reins when it comes to their own health.
  4. Become an expert in YOU. No one knows you better!
  5. Enjoy the process. Make it your own. You own it – it doesn’t own you!

Questions? info@barefootbarefood.com