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Last week I took a road trip with my son from North Carolina to my home state of New Jersey. It was my son’s spring break, and I figured it was a great time to visit my family and give us all an opportunity to spend some time together. My father is currently going through a health hurdle, and I wanted my son and me to be there to lend some support.

While I was there I wrote the following that was shared with a Facebook group that I am involved in. I wanted to share it as a blog because I think it can offer a different perspective on some things. So here it goes………

The topic of how to keep living the fat-loss lifestyle while away from home and our normal surroundings is always a hot topic. There is always quite a bit of chatter on tips to help navigate the situation…what to do, what to pack………

So I thought I would share with you what I packed….

I packed “permission”. Permission to allow myself to enjoy spending time with family and the food that comes with it. The first night we rolled into town I was met with homemade red wine and a meat pie. A meat pie is a traditional Italian speciality only found around Easter time. It is basically a Quiche on steroids! It is the most dense piece of deliciousness that I only get one time a year, and in fact it has been years since I have had it. So I have said on many occasions that if we are going to splurge – do it on the things we can’t get normally or are special to us in some way. The wine and the pie was worth the splurge! As I am typing this – I just wolfed down a couple of pieces of Taylor Pork Roll. If you are not from the Jersey area you probably won’t know what that is. Again – I don’t have this but maybe once a year – if that. It brings back wonderful memories of my family spending every summer at the Jersey shore eating pork roll sandwiches. And right now I will bask in those memories, and I will cherish that time and the time we have right now.

I packed “forgiveness”. I will forgive myself for the less than stellar food choices I am making, wipe my meat pie off my mouth and move on!

I packed “understanding”. The understanding to know that this is not my norm, and when I get back home – I will get right back on track (which I did, BTW). I am making new memories, and sometimes in my Italian household that involves food and wine. I am okay with that!

I packed “acceptance”. I will have to do a lot of accepting on this trip. I have to accept that my new reality involves my father fighting this health hurdle. I will accept the fact that long road trips, loved ones with illnesses, and not being in my own surroundings can lead to more stress which leads to defenses being down with food choices or motivation to work out. I accept that.

I packed “flexibility”. The ability to be flexible in this circumstance will be helpful. No matter where we go to eat, I can find something I can eat and will not freak out. This will give me a chance to off-set the meat pie and pork roll….maybe….just a little bit. Ha! 

I packed “the power of choice”. I am making these choices! No one is forcing me to eat or drink anything I don’t want. I am fully aware of the choices I am making. When asked if I wanted another piece of meat pie last night – I said, “no”. The one was enough to satisfy me, and I had expressed my power of choice and chose no. I chose to go the deli and order a Sloppy Joe sandwich – again, something that I haven’t had in years! Granted I had to remove the bread (no gluten for me), but I was able to enjoy the taste just the same.

And finally… I packed “a lot of love”. Love to give to my family and especially my dad who will need it at this difficult time…love for my Italian heritage and all the traditions that come with it (even if they are not fat-loss friendly)…love for my hometown where I grew up…love for old friends that even when we see each other so rarely it is like no time has gone by….and love for myself so that even when I am not making the best choices, they are still MY choices, and I will love me just the same.

PS – I did pack some of my individual protein packets so that at least I had something that was aligned with my goals. 😉

We tend to focus on the physical things to pack when we are going to be away from home (such as workout gear, mini blenders, various foods…) that can keep us better aligned with our goals, and that is a wonderful strategy to have. I do encourage that, and most times when I do travel – I make a conscious effort to pack those physical things too! But I wanted to put a different spin on travel and focus more on the mind-set piece of all of this.

No matter what we do or don’t do – the key is to be kind to ourselves, forgive and move on! 


Ever wonder what the secrets are to having a fat-loss frame of mind and living a fat-loss lifestyle?  People who are living that way have key elements to their success.  The following are 5 of those elements.  See how your current lifestyle compares to this list, especially if fat-loss is a goal of yours.  You may even surprise yourself and find that you are already on target!

  1. Healthy diet versus Fat-loss diet:  Yes – there is a difference.  Many people think that having their oatmeal and Greek yogurt everyday, or their turkey on a sandwich thin is going to ignite their fat-loss potential simply because they are eating foods that are healthier options than others.  That is not the whole picture.  Although you may be eating “healthy” – you are not necessarily eating for fat-loss.  The food that we consume sends different messages to the hormones – in simple terms…burn or store.  A caloric deficit does matter, but ultimately if you are eating the proper foods that balance the hormones then the calories will take care of themselves.  Which leads me into the next fat-loss tip….


  1. Protein and Veggies/Fiber:  Anyone living a fat-loss lifestyle knows to always go for the protein and veggies/fiber first.  Not only will you be sending the proper message to your hormones to help you tap into that fat-loss mode, but you will also find that the combination of the two will enhance the satiety factor.


  1. Label Reading:  This is crucial for living the fat-loss lifestyle.  First off – shop the perimeters of the store as much as you can since that is where your freshest foods will be.  If there is something that you buy with a label – READ IT!  Do not make any assumptions as to what the ingredients are.  The more “funky” ingredients contained in a food (and I use the word food lightly here) the more of a detrimental impact it can have on losing fat. 


  1. Sleep:  This is often missed by many people as aiding in fat-loss, but any fat-loss minded person knows the importance of sleep.  Sleep is the body’s time to reset hormones.  “Sleep lowers leptin, insulin, and cortisol levels and elevates melatonin, HGH, testosterone, and other hormones.  Sleep improves mood, burns fat, and slows the aging process.  Sleep is the ultimate anti-aging, muscle-building, fat-burning, and mood-enhancing process the body has available to it.”  (Teta, 2010) Get your uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep and be in bed by 10!


  1. Plan:  Fat-loss minded people always have a plan.  They are always thinking one step ahead.  If they are traveling they will pack appropriate snacks…they will call the hotel to see if the room has a fridge and/or a microwave…they will take the time to prep food such as cutting veggies all at once, cooking chicken breasts to have during the week…they will have their fridge stocked with easily accessible fat-loss friendly foods so getting hungry and picking the wrong foods is rarely a problem, etc.  Keep in mind the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.


These are just 5 components of living and implementing a fat-loss lifestyle and having a fat-loss mindset.  Of course these are all in conjunction with an exercise protocol.  If you have all 5 under your belt – BRAVO!  If you are just missing one – then you know what to do – focus on that particular one.  If there is more than one – I would suggest picking just one that you are currently not doing to start and focus on that until you are comfortable and then pick the next one.  Fat-loss is a way of life and having the mindset that goes with it!  These 5 elements are a great place to start.



Are We There Yet?

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Goals, Healthy Living, Resolutions

Remember being a kid going on road trips and whining from the backseat of the car, “Are we there yet?”  This, of course, was before the dawn of iPods, DVD players in the car, or any other hand-held electronic device that occupies the time of many kids now a days when they set out on a trip.  I can remember playing things like I spy in the car to pass the time.  The best is when my family and I would listen to Billy Joel’s, We didn’t start the Fire, over and over again so that we could figure out every line in that song that was jammed packed with events that occurred throughout history!

The anticipation and excitement for the arrival of the destination can be overwhelming especially as a kid.  Of course the journey to get there can also be excruciatingly boring as well. Then something happens as adults.  Time seems to fly much quicker and before you know it there is no time to be saying, “Are we there yet?” because it is already here or has already passed us by.  Sometimes we are so consumed by a variety of things all at once that we miss the journey altogether.  And it is that very same journey that can teach us so much about ourselves, about life, and who we are and who we want to be.

Many of us set specific time frames to which we want to see certain goals completed.  Ever want to drop a few pounds for a particular event?  Perhaps an upcoming wedding, reunion, trip, etc. had you formulating a plan.  Maybe you gave yourself a date that by the time you reached it you wanted to have stopped smoking, have given up sweets, start exercising, etc.  But what happens the day after that date has come and gone especially if you didn’t accomplish the goal?  Do you just quit, or do you continue? 

I have had a realization this week as I am preparing for an upcoming photo shoot.  (Wow – it sounds like I am somebody really important when I say that – hahaha).  The date is quickly approaching, and I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of leanness and muscle development.  Due to that fact, I have been a bit apprehensive and almost threw in the towel figuring there is no way that I can get there by next week so why bother.  Yup, I know – a completely defeatist attitude.  So I got to thinking about it, and I came to this realization…just because I may not be where I had hoped to be for that specific date, there is no reason that I can’t continue my journey right here, right now, as well as when it is all over.  The photo shoot will come and go, but the real issue is will I let me goals go with it.  Most of us are familiar with the saying that life is a journey, not a destination.  So for me this photo shoot is just another stop on my journey.  It is certainly not my destination.  In reflecting on it, I was also able to begin appreciating all of the things that I have been doing along the way and not just focus on that one day.

I share my story with you in the hopes that in the future if you set a goal with a specific time frame, you will approach your thinking differently especially if it doesn’t happen.  So the next time you say something like, “I want to lose 10 pounds by such and such a date” – don’t forget that if that date arrives and you haven’t attained that goal – just adjust your sails and continue to make it happen. 

So even if you “aren’t there yet” – savor the journey, take pride in what you are actively doing to reach your goals and if you lose your way – chart a new course.  We have the choice to whine the whole way and be miserable (which will most likely result in never reaching the goal), the choice to let internal and external factors trip us up, or the choice to appreciate the journey (the good and bad) and all the steps that we take to better ourselves all along the way. 

Keep pushing forward!!!

Game On!

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Fitness, Food, Goals, Healthy Living, Nutrition

Spring has sprung! Although, as I am writing this, it feels anything but Spring out there today. There is just something about Spring and the weather that has everyone (me included) in a panic that summer is almost here which means bathing suit season and traveling.  Neither of those are a bad thing. In fact they both represent times of relaxation and freedom from the everyday routine.  But it should not be a free pass to forget all that is vital for good health unless you want to come back from your trip with more than memories and souvenirs.  Let your pictures serve as memories – not the extra pounds you have the possibility of bringing home with you!

There is a misconception that all bets are off when it comes to traveling and sticking to a plan.  But that’s just it – it is a misconception – it doesn’t have to be that way.  It is a choice!  With a little forethought there are quite a few things that you can do to make sticking to your goals a real possibility while on vacation.  There are some hurdles that people face, so I am going to address what I view as the top three and hopefully you will walk away feeling more confident that you CAN stick to a PLAN!

Let’s start with potential hurdle number one: nutrition on the road.  For those of you who are road tripping it for summer vacation here are a few tips to help you.

  • Prepackage snacks for the car:  apples, bananas, baggies of grapes, almonds, sliced peppers, etc.    
  • Pack a cooler with water (of course keep in mind that could increase the amount of pit-stops along the way and if you are like me that means more pit-stops = less sanity! I want to get where I am going! 
  • In your cooler you can also pack ham/turkey/cheese roll-ups for an easy finger food that won’t leave crumbs in your car.
  • Hard boiled eggs already shelled in your cooler make a great snack.  Yes, I do realize the potential for the smell!
  • When you stop for gas keep in mind that most places have nuts and some even carry fruit.
  • Pack a small container of your own salad dressing so that if you do stop at a fast-food place you can get a salad and top it with your dressing.  Try to get some protein on that salad for the extra satiety factor.
  • Feeling like a burger than just leave the bun. Take the burger.  “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli”.  Sorry!  I couldn’t resist!
  • If you are staying at a hotel – call ahead to find out if they have a fridge and/or a microwave.  Once when staying in a hotel I asked the front desk for a local super market, went there and bought a pre-cooked chicken roaster and kept that in my room to eat.
  • No matter where you stop – think protein and veggies first followed by some fruit!

Air travel may be less out of your control, but once again all is not lost.  If you only have time for fast-food while waiting for your flight then find some type of protein whether it is a grilled chicken sandwich or a burger and you know what to do with the bun.  Again, think protein first with veggies or fruit if you can as grab and go veggies may be harder to come by.  It is easier to grab an apple or banana than it is to grab an order of steamed broccoli!  You get my point.  You may have more options if you have more time and are able to order from a restaurant. It is very easy to be lured into buying some of those great smelling snacks that have now made their way into airports.  Cinnabon – really?!  They know your defenses are down.  You’re either tired and cranky from dealing with air travel, or you are on such a vacation high that all rational decisions are left behind. 

Now on to exercise – potential hurdle number two… all is not lost here either.  Your own body can be your greatest piece of gym equipment when traveling.

  • Push-ups, jumping jacks, sits-ups, dips, burpees, air-squats, lunges, etc. can be really effective for getting something in.  Pack a jump rope if you have one or resistance bands that take up no space at all.  I have been known to do lunges down the hallway of the hotel.  Again – call the hotel ahead of time to see if there is any kind of equipment on site. 
  • If you are going to the beach – the beach makes a beautiful setting for exercise.  Last year my son joined me for some sprints, burpees, air-squats and push-ups on the beach.  I would just caution you to scout out the area for your sprints before you start running.  Wouldn’t want to twist an ankle when you step into someone’s left over hole from an afternoon of digging in the sand!
  • Don’t forget that walking on vacation is a great form of recovery exercise especially if you have been overloading your workouts trying to prepare your body for vacation.  Walking will help to reduce stress and your stress hormones and will also help to balance you out.  The type of walking I am referring to is at a leisurely pace, not power walking.  Please don’t save this type of recovery exercise just for vacation.  Try to include something like a walk or some other form of recovery exercise everyday.

The next potential hurdle – hurdle number three – when it comes to travel and vacations is the mind-set that usually takes up residence in our head and wants to tag along for the trip.  I am speaking of the “I don’t care. It’s my vacation”, “I deserve it”, and the “I need a break” thoughts that are being packed along with your luggage!  Please don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t go and enjoy yourself. If you know me then you are probably familiar with my utter disdain for cooking.  I will look for every opportunity to get out of it and vacation fits that bill perfectly.  But just try to enjoy yourself in a manner that will not throw you completely off your game.  Eventually that vacation will come to an end and reality will set in.  If you find that your choices were less than stellar – DO NOT beat yourself up.  Wipe your hands of it and move on.   

This mind-set is not only evident on vacations, but is also ever-present for some on the weekends as well.  “I don’t care.  It’s the weekend.”  Yup –so it is.  Health is not important on the weekends?!… “I deserve it.”  You deserve to be healthy!… “I need a break.”  A break from your health?!  I am not perfect and don’t claim to be.  It is taken me some time to get where I am now. I have made many mistakes along the way both in exercising and nutrition, but have learned from them and used them as a catalyst for change in my life.  Those mistakes and the lessons I learned ultimately brought me to where I am now, and it is in a really great place.  It has been, and continues to be, a learning and growing process.  I love the quote from Maya Angelou that says, “When you know better you do better”.  I truly believe that. 

Since I have been asked by countless people how I personally deal with vacations and weekends (and holidays and birthdays for that matter), I will share with you my line of thinking.  So here is how I look at all of those things (aside from using many of the strategies above)…  If we are blessed each day to keep putting our two feet on the ground in the morning then part of that is dealing with all of those things.  It’s called life!  We have to learn to make peace with those things, embrace them as part of life – a very good part of life, be thankful for them and most of all – enjoy them.  Enjoy them in a way that respects who you are and who you want to be.  Don’t let those events control you.  You control them!

As you make your summer plans (or just your plans for the weekend) – remember to do just that – PLAN!  I have given you just some of many good tips to employ.  Have any others?  Please share!

Ever have a cut that was bleeding and you didn’t even feel it UNTIL you saw it and then all of a sudden the pain kicked in?  It is amazing the power of the brain.  You are going along oblivious to the fact that you are injured and it is not until your brain gets wind of the fact that injuries and blood are typically synonymous with pain that you even begin feeling the pain.

Our brain can be our most powerful asset, and yet it can also be our most powerful detriment at times.  It is all in how we use it.  Our thoughts have a direct bearing on our actions.  Think negative thoughts all the time and our very being will be brought down due to those thoughts. Our whole outlook on things can become clouded.  Think in a positive way and somehow the world seems like a much brighter place and our actions will reflect that positivity.

A perfect example of the power of the brain presented itself in the gym yesterday.  A friend of mine, who is an amazingly strong woman and whom I admire for her determination, was squatting and cranking them out like nobody’s business!  She effortlessly did a squat with very heavy weight so delicately balanced on her traps.  When she finished she was shocked at how much weight she did.  She hadn’t realized that in her head she had the wrong weight – a much lower one at that.  But because she had thought the pounds were lighter than they really were and that was what her brain knew – she cranked that squat out believing it was the lighter weight and therefore knew she could execute it seamlessly seeing as she had done it so many times before. All the while she was really doing something much heavier!  She ended up breaking a record yesterday, and I truly believe it was because she kept telling herself that she could do it.  No doubts, no fear – only mind over matter!  So proud of her!  

So how do we harness the power of our brain?  For starters, in my opinion, we need to shift our thoughts to more positive ones.  Stop with the “I can’t…” and “I’m not…”! “I can’t lose these last 10 pounds… can’t get that promotion at work, etc.”  “I’m not strong enough…not pretty enough…not thin enough…not smart enough, etc.”  I will admit that this is something that I am working on for myself.  If we don’t set higher expectations for ourselves than we have nothing to strive for, nothing to help us reach our true potential.  It is easy to get stuck in a place of self-wallowing if that is where you have been for sometime.  It tends to become all you know and worse off – all you expect.  Every one of us deserves better than that. 

When someone gives you a compliment do you ever hear yourself saying, “Thank you, but…”?  Just accept the compliment with a thank you and move on!  Don’t discount the good that someone just recognized in you with a BUT!  But nothing!  Challenge yourself to decrease your negative thoughts each day.  It may be good to start with an awareness of how many negative thoughts you actually have. (Some of you may not even wrestle with these kinds of thoughts.  I commend you for that!)  This may be extreme, but worth a try – wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time you are compelled to think those vampire thoughts that suck the positivity out of you – snap that rubber band!  That will get you thinking differently. 

Harness the power of your brain to move forward in life.  Tackle those things that have been holding you back head on because it is all in your head!  No time like the present.  And remember – “Attitude is the seed of all successes and all failures.  What you plant is what you reap!”

So…what are you currently planting?

Today, as I was getting ready to throw a tantrum in the gym, (okay let me rephrase that) I DID throw a tantrum due to my inability to get a succession of double unders* with my speed rope, the owner came over to me and mentioned that I was doing better.  Of course I thought he was crazy since the whip marks on my arms (and butt I might add) were showing a very different picture.  I looked as though I got in a battle with a cat and clearly I was not the winner!  But after he could see the look of dismay and defeat on my face combined with my stomping and throwing of the speed rope from before – he knew I wasn’t buying it.  That is when he said, “Progress is not linear.”  Hmmm.  I have to tell you that I have been thinking about that statement all day!  Now I don’t know if that is some famous quote or if it is something he made up – it really doesn’t make a difference to me.  Either way, it had an impact on me.

I think that is the kind of statement that you take away whatever meaning from it that you need most.  For me, I got that progress isn’t always going to be steady – that there will be ups and downs – feeling like one minute you are moving forward and the very next minute you feel like you just set yourself back a few paces.  The object is to never give up.  If you do that then you won’t ever have progress and you will become stagnant.  That should not be an option!

We all have things in our lives that get the best of us.  It is what we do as a reaction to those things that matters.  Although I threw a hissy fit, or two – may have even mumbled a few words not appropriate for print – I kept going.  My frustration fueled my determination.  Take note of those things getting the best of you and devise a plan to attack them head on.  It may take some time, a lot of tantrums and feelings of dismay, or in my case all of the above plus many whip marks, but ultimately the defeat will only be if you give up.  Don’t let it defeat you – defeat it!

I will share one insight I have definitely gained from those double unders- if you ever want to get information out of me – the threat of the sting from a cable strike from a speed rope should do the trick just fine.  Just sayin’!

I am very thankful for those wise words today and of course for all the guidance, support, and patience I get from the trainers and my fellow members at my gym each and every workout!  CrossFit LKN – you rock! 

So what is your Kryptonite? What are you going to do about it?  I would love to hear from you and what “progress is not linear” means to you.  Please feel free to reply so we can all share our thoughts and maybe gain new perspectives from each other. 

Double Unders – I will defeat you!

*If you are not familiar with a double under it is an exercise done on a jump rope in which the rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one.

Tell. Show. Involve.

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Goals, Healthy Living

In their publication, The Parenting Journey, H. Wallace Goddard and Steven A. Dennis say, “When we take good care of ourselves, we can be better parents and set a good example for our children.  We should try our best to eat well, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly.  We should also make time in our lives to do the things we love to do.”  I would also challenge that anyone reading this that is not a parent should live by those words as well.  You never know when you might be the catalyst for change in someone else’s life such as a spouse, family member, or friend, but first and foremost – do it for yourself. 

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  So when it comes to our children (even grandchildren and so forth) where do you fall on the continuum of tell, show, involve?  Many times we tell children to eat certain things, or do certain things, but never model that behavior for them to see.  It becomes a “do as I say, not as I do” parenting style. 

We all want our children to thrive in this world and be happy and healthy, but we may not always show them what a healthy lifestyle looks like with our own actions.  So don’t just tell them what to do – show them – model it for them by your own behaviors.  But I say, just like the proverb, to take it step further and involve them in things.  Let them help with preparing a healthy snack/meal and even help to pack their own lunch.  Purchase a cookbook just for kids and let them pick out some recipes that you can do together.  Go for walks, hikes, bike rides, etc., together on the weekends.

Start by identifying 1 or 2 things that you will do to begin creating a healthier life for both you and your child.  This might be exercising more, limiting/eliminating processed foods, or going to bed on time.  Remember to tell them why it is important to make these changes so they begin to understand the significance that these changes can have both in the present and in the future.  Show them by modeling the behavior in your own life and involve them in the process.  Take soda for instance – tell them why it is not ideal to drink it.  Show them by not doing it yourself and then involve them in making a healthier choice. 

Try not to change too much at one time as it will be overwhelming for both you and your child which could easily result in giving up.  Work on those 1 or 2 things you have identified and when you are successful at those changes, be sure to celebrate and acknowledge those accomplishments with your child and then pick another one to work on. 

Good luck!

 I would love for you to share your stories!


Posted: January 31, 2012 in Fitness, Goals, Healthy Living, Nutrition

The year was 1980.  The cost of a first class postage stamp was 15 cents…the phrase “Who Shot JR?” was born…CNN is officially launched…the world lost a music legend when John Lennon was shot…and it was the year that the Rubik’s Cube was licensed to be sold by the Ideal Toy Corp.  Ahhhh – the Rubik’s cube!  IMO – one of the most addictive, frustrating, challenging and yet mind numbing at times – brain teaser to hit the scene.  And what a scene it was at 10 years old!  So now you quick math whizzes – probably the same ones that could solve that forsaken thing – have just figured out my age!

Let’s talk about the Rubik’s Cube for a minute…assuming you even remember it!  Can you think back to what it felt like when you first got it?  Did you have that initial thrill of the prospect of being one of the first ones to actually solve it?  Did a little obsession creep in as you couldn’t put the thing down because the determination to finish it got the better of you?  If you did indeed solve it, on your own I might add, how did it feel to overcome what may have seemed like an impossible feat at first?  Or were you like me (time to come clean) who was so focused on the end goal that I lost sight of the whole journey to get there and eventually out of sheer frustration ripped every one of those colored stickers off and put them back on as if I had solved it!  But of course there was no satisfaction, no sense of reward when I did that because I had taken the easy way out – I CHEATED!  Oh it feels so good to finally come clean! And if you are one of the ones that already figured my age, you know how long I have been burying that secret!  I set out to achieve a goal and bailed when the journey got too difficult.

Fast forward to the here and now and let’s take the Rubik’s Cube and apply those same questions/scenario to another very taxing journey:  losing weight/getting fit and healthy.  Many of us set out on a plan to lose weight/get fit and healthy and in the beginning we are determined to do whatever it takes and a little obsession can take over.  Sheer will-power comes into play, but will-power can be fleeting, exhausting and may even leave us down-right depleted.  Then the realization hits us that this journey may not be what we had anticipated at all.  Where does that leave us?  Overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated to name a few.  So how many of you would do like I did with the Rubik’s cube:  CHEAT – look for the easy way out?!  What sense of accomplishment can that ultimately provide?

When it comes to losing weight/getting fit and healthy it is just like the Rubik’s Cube.  It is going to be challenging and sometimes when you think you are so close to getting it – another hurdle crops up.  You may make a move that you think is the right one and then you realize it wasn’t one that will get you closer to success.  That’s when it’s time to stop, reevaluate, and make a different move. Some people are going to get to the solution sooner than others, but no matter how long it takes the end result is one of pride, elation, and self-accomplishment!

If you take the easy way out, look for constant shortcuts, or cheat when it comes to losing weight/getting fit and healthy, you will find that you are only cheating yourself – your health. 

So if you owned a Rubik’s Cube where is it now?  Long gone?  In a box somewhere forgotten?  Don’t do that with your health.  Don’t give up. Don’t lose sight of you!  If you don’t have your health – what do you really have? 

Gambling with your health is ultimately gambling with your life! 

Think about it!

In my last blog I discussed our reactions to stress and to control the things we can in order to have good mental health.  How is that working for you?  Might you consider that one of your resolutions for the New Year? 

So let’s move on and chat about the one area that we have absolute and total control over (barring any medical conditions) and that is……wait for it……can you guess?………FOOD!  Now I know what your thinking – But… but when I am stressed I can’t control what I eat!  When I am at another person’s house surely I can not control what I eat – I didn’t prepare the menu!  What about traveling?  Oh my friends, I can go on and on.  The plain and simple truth is that no one makes us eat anything.  It all comes down to a choice.  I can choose to eat that half-gallon of ice cream when I am stressed and deal with a variety of emotions just waiting for me as I scrape – um – lick the last contents of that container.  Or…I can take a completely different approach that doesn’t involve food.  I understand that our frame of mind can impact our decision-making skills, but ultimately it is still up to us.  How bad to you want to see your goals to fruition? 

So if we make choices that are not going to have a favorable outcome and could negatively influence our goals, but we do it anyway – we need to own it and move on.  Accept it, learn from it and get over it.  Wallowing in self-pity, making excuses, feeling guilty and/or blaming others will do nothing for our frame of mind and can lead to self sabotaging all of our efforts.  What’s the point in that?! 

If what I have written is really resonating with you, then you have to make a choice to get back on track and again –  Do yourself a favor and GET OVER IT!

Happy New Year to all, and here’s to making all of our goals come true!

Word Association

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Goals, Healthy Living, Resolutions

Let’s play a little word association game…

I am going to say a word, and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind.


I say healthy…you say_____?

So what came to mind? Maybe you thought of diet, exercise, skinny, or even uggg. The point is that healthy is too general and can conjure up so many words and images, but the important factor is what does it REALLY mean to YOU?

Have you ever set a goal for yourself to get healthier?
What did that look like?
How did you know when you achieved that goal?

Many of us would like to think we are healthy already and then there are those of us that want to begin that process. So it’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we really know what good health is, or if we’re on the right track. What one person thinks of good health may be very different from what another thinks. The holiday season is upon us!!! Now is typically a time when we begin assessing the goals we set for us when the New Year began and whether or not we managed to see them to fruition. Many will repeat the pattern of setting new resolutions and more often than not, this includes some aspect of getting healthy.

If you DREAM this then you have got to DEFINE it.

Lose weight – how much?
Bring the blood pressure down?
Get off certain medications?

Whatever the goal may be, you need to be specific so that you know when you have reached it. Next step is to DO it!

What are you waiting for?
What is holding you back?

DREAM it…DEFINE it…DO it! 1, 2, 3…

Let me ask you again…I say healthy… you say_______?